Tone body wash Pink Peony and Rose Oil

toneI got this product free as a BuzzAgent to review

This body wash smells just as good as ones from pricey boutique stores and costs considerably less. I got the product during the winter and immediately noticed that my dry winter skin was more moisturized. Tone body wash produces quite a lot of lather so you do not need to use a ton to get a good result.  The scent is light and pleasant as well so you do not have to worry about it overpowering any scents you may put on after a shower.

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Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-breakage Serum

coconutI have fine, color treated, bleached hair. As a result I need to take into consideration several factors when choosing a styling product.

The product must be lightweight, moisturizing, stop frizz and add shine. So I was really pleased with Organix coconut milk anti-breakage serum.

I apply the serum to the ends of my wet hair and blow dry. The end result is very soft and shiny. I also apply a small amount to the palms of my hands and lightly go over any areas that need extra shine or conditioning.

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Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen

colgateI moved across America and in addition to a new home and new surroundings, I need a new job!

To prep I wanted to whiten my teeth. My teeth are sensitive to whitening products and the interview is in three days so I was not sure what kind of results I would be able to achieve.

I bought the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen after seeing some commercials and hearing about the results taking only two days. This fits perfectly with the short notice I have to get ready.

You brush with your own toothpaste and the special stain removing toothbrush, then you take the whitening pen out of the bottom of the toothbrush and paint the whitening gel on your top and bottom row of front teeth.

The whole process was very quick and neat. The gel doesn’t have a nasty taste or the wait time required of things like trays and strips because you paint the gel on and then just go on with your day.  The whole process adds maybe a few extra seconds to your normal brushing time.

I noticed results the first day and had none of the sensitivity I usually experience with whitening products so I am very pleased and will use this product anytime I need to freshen up my smile for an event.  I recommend picking this up and giving it a try. It’s definitely going to be something you should have in your event prep bag or home spa kit.

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Em Cosmetics Review – Pillow Plush lip balm

em10I took full advantage of the Em Cosmetics Black Friday sale and ordered many, many things. I’m going to use each product for a good long time prior to reviewing it so there will be many reviews to come.

I’ve loved Michele Phan’s tutorials and transformations and I could not wait to get my hands on her makeup line.  There’s my chipped manicure on the right during my unboxing photo frenzy. (And the Nightlife Palette in the background… ooooh):)

Pillow Plush lip balm was applied as soon as I opened my package because it’s winter here in Michigan and I spent an hour shoveling snow in 19 degree snowglobe weather. The texture of the balm is not thick or sticky, it reminds me of Korres Lipbutters. You do feel the moisture but there isn’t the sliding around on top of your lips feeling that a gloss has. The color is build able.  The first application gives a nice sheer color but you can pat a little more on to wear it as your only source of lip color.

plush The packaging is solid and doesn’t feel flimsy. It seals very well so no issues keeping it in a bag or pocket. The product did not really have a smell or taste so that is a plus for me. You can apply this with a lip brush or a finger. I really like this for the ability to let me put color on my super chapped lips without it catching on the cracked skin. Because of the moisturizing my lips get plumped and smoothed and I still get a color pop.

plush2I got Strawberry (not pictured) and Berries (pictured on right) I have very fair skin and Berries gives a great color for fall/winter fashion and isn’t overwhelming to fair complexions.

There are six colors available. Get yours at:

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Nylabone Monster Bone

nylaMy dog Zoe rips through any chew toy given to her. She has taken anything labeled ‘toughest’ and ripped it to pieces. She is not a destructive dog, thankfully but she is a driven chewer. Once she starts chewing something she does not want to stop until it’s gone.
So I dropped yet more cash on yet another bone thinking ‘well this will last an hour’ but amazingly this bone is still in one piece hours and hours later and Zoe actually got too tired to keep chewing and took a break for the first time.
Chicken flavored, made in the USA, non-edible (when it begins to shred up a bit it cleans their teeth)

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Maybelline Color Elixir

Color-Elixir-signature-scarletFall is here and I love really saturated colors for my lips during this time of the year. Unfortunately my lips also get chapped and rough, leaving my lipstick looking patchy and uneven and making it hard to apply on the go.

I picked up Color Elixirs by Maybelline because they promise the color of a lipstick with the lipcare of a balm and the shine of a gloss. I was so excited by the product that after I tried my first one I went straight back into the store to buy another color.

The colors are lovely and the texture is smooth and not sticky at all. The shine was just like gloss but my lips did not stick together and I didn’t feel like I had a heavy product on my mouth. My chapped lips stayed moist for a long time, I only ended up reapplying this one after eating and having several cups of coffee. Even then I could have skipped reapplying.

This is going to be one of those products that I have to collect every color of.

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Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleansing Pads

aveenoThese cleaning pads have two textures. One side is smooth and the other side is bumpy. These are oil free,  soap free, hypoallergenic and safe to use everyday.

I really like the gentle exfoliation and the lack of drying out my skin. These are not scouring pads, so don’t press hard when you use them. I use gentle motions to cleanse  my whole face with these. The pad is pretty big and foams up really well so I also cleanse my neck and and back with these.

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Midnight Moon (Junior Johnsons handcrafted moonshine)

midnight moonWith real blueberries soaking in 100 proof spirits this is a very flavorful (legal) moonshine.

This is triple distilled, blended with ultra filtered water and uses 100% natural corn. There are no additives or colors added (it’s all from the fruit). Even the labels are hand-applied by real people instead of an automated machine. I like the lack of additives because it seems more like a real, handcrafted product. Instead of being all food dyes, sugar and syrup like many drinks with fruit in the name, this feels like a much more pure way to enjoy a strong drink with fruit flavors.  Instead of having to drown the strong spirit with a mixer just to be able to drink it, Midnight Moon has such a quality recipe that it is very smooth and flavorful. Your mixer will be more of a ‘with a splash’ than needing to pour half a glass full of it before adding the alcohol.

One of my favorite ways to drink this is to pour blueberry or strawberry Midnight Moon over ice and top with cream soda. It’s almost like a dessert in a glass.

Also mixing Midnight Moon with a citrus soda like Sprite is very good as well.

There is a store locator on if you haven’t seen this in your area yet.

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I am finishing a bottle of vitamins (for the first time ever!)

gummyI always end up with a half full bottle of vitamins that expire and then I feel dumb for wasting my money on something I couldn’t bother to remember to take. Then one day a friend of mine recommended pre-natal vitamins to me as a way to help my hair, skin and nails.

I was checking out all the different types when a giant jar of gummies caught my eye. They were very pretty and I had not taken vitamins this way before so I bought them.

And now I am scraping the bottom of a very large jar and will have to buy more soon. I feel like this was not a waste as the gummies tasted great and made me feel like I was giving myself a small treat each time I took them.

These gummy vitamins come from all brands and in many different formulas if anyone wants to give it a shot. Please keep out of the reach of kids though, if I was tempted to eat them your kids would be too.

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Urban Decay Vice 2

Vice2udUrban Decay has once again provoked me to throw my money at the laptop screen with the release of Vice 2. If you managed to get the first Vice palette before it sold out you already know you want Vice 2. If you missed out on the first Vice palette here is your chance to get one (unless they sold out already)


20 brand new shades and a double ended brush in a push button case featuring a unique swirling purple design and a silvery raised UD on the cover.
toprowvice2Swatches starting at the top of my hand from the top row of the palette: Smokeout (Black – No glitter), Lovesick (Smokey black – with glitter), Shellshock (Bright metalic silver/white), Coax (metallic pink), X-Rated (Matte pink) , Prank (Blue with a shimmer effect. Not really glitter but looks like glitter? Hard to describe but awesome effect), Madness (Bright shimmer blue), Strike (Gold metallic), Stash (Sort of military green?), Poison (brownish black with glitter) and Radar (Rich metallic brown).




bottomrowviceDamaged (Deep forest green), Voodoo (light smokey iridescent purple), Betrayal (light bright purple), Derailed (smokey brown /gray) , Dope (Matte, blends into my skintone so it’s hard to see), Toxic (coppery bronze shimmer), Habit (again blends with my skintone, matte), Ambush (brown shimmer) and Rewind Matte taupe).

These were all swatched using my fingers (one swipe) and no primer. My order came with a sample of the new Urban Decay Revolution lipstick and the Anti-Aging eye primer. I already loved the super creamy, ultra pigmented lipcolor but had not tried the Anti-aging primer yet. It feels as good as the usual formula but with 8 weeks of use 100% of clinical study participants saw improvement in their eye lines and wrinkles so I’m eager to see how that works out.






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